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NOTE: Should there be any changes in venue or judging arrangements due to COVID-19, all efforts will be made to notify all participants, as well as decimination information to all to the greatest extent possible.

The Bataille des Biѐres is AHA sanctioned and open to any amateur homebrewer age 21 or older.

All shipped entries must be **received** at the receiving location by the indicated deadlines—please allow for shipping time. All entries will be picked up from drop-off locations the day of the drop-off deadline.

All entries must be handcrafted products, containing ingredients available to the general public, and made using private equipment by hobbyist brewers (i.e., no use of commercial facilities or Brew on Premises operations, supplies, etc.).

The competition organizers are not responsible for mis-categorized entries, mailed entries that are not received by the entry deadline, or entries that arrived damaged.

The competition organizers reserve the right to combine styles for judging and to restructure awards as needed depending upon the quantity and quality of entries. The competition committee reserves the right to combine overall style categories based on number of entries. All possible effort will be made to combine similar styles. All brews in combined categories will be judged according to the style they were originally entered in.

Qualified judging of all entries is the primary goal of our event. Judges will evaluate and score each entry. The average of the scores will rank each entry in its category. Each flight will have at least one BJCP judge. **Your beers will be judged in 'beer clean' glassware - not plastic cups!!** The Best of Show judging will be determined by a Best of Show panel based on a second judging of the top winners.

Brewers are not limited to one entry in each category but may only enter each subcategory once **(EXCEPTION: Specialty IPAs may have more than one entry if each entry is of a different sub-sub-subcategory. For example, a Red IPA:21B4, and a New England IPA:21B7, may both be entered).**


BJCP 2015 Judging Styles

If a style's name is hyperlinked, it has specific entry requirements. Click or tap on the name to view the subcategory's requirements.

11A Ordinary Bitter11B Best Bitter11C Strong Bitter
19A American Amber Ale19B California Common19C American Brown Ale
21A American IPA21B Specialty IPA 21B1 Belgian IPA
21B2 Black IPA 21B3 Brown IPA 21B4 Red IPA
21B5 Rye IPA 21B6 White IPA 21B7 New England IPA
22A Double IPA24A Witbier24B Belgian Pale Ale
24C Biere de Garde 25A Belgian Blond Ale25B Saison
25C Belgian Golden Strong Ale27A6 Kentucky Common35A Custom IPA (Custom Style)
M1A Dry Mead M1B Semi-Sweet Mead M1C Sweet Mead
M2A Cyser M2B Pyment M2C Berry Mead
M2D Stone Fruit Mead M2E Melomel M3A Fruit and Spice Mead
M3B Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Mead M4A Braggot M4B Historical Mead
M4C Experimental Mead   


Number of Bottles Required Per Entry: 3

Judging Sessions and Dates

Jim Boudreaux's Residence - Morning
Saturday, February 5, 2022 9:00 AM, CST

Jim Boudreaux's Residence - Afternoon
Saturday, February 5, 2022 2:00 PM, CST

Jim Boudreaux's Residence - Late Afternoon
Saturday, February 5, 2022 4:00 PM, CST


Best of Show

A **BEST OF SHOW** panel of judges (who are not contenders for the award with their own entry or entries) will determine the **Overall Best of Show**, or First Place, winner. **First, Second and Third Place** Best of Show winners will be recognized and receive awards. We try our best to only have BJCP certified judges on the Best of Show panel.



The awards ceremony will take place once judging is completed. Places will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category/table. The 1st place entry in each category will advance to the Best of Show (BOS) round with a single, overall Best of Show beer selected. Additional prizes may be awarded to those winners present at the awards ceremony at the discretion of the competition organizers. Award ribbons will be mailed to recipients as they will be engraved with the relevant info about the category, entry, and brewer. Results will be posted to the competition web site after the ceremony concludes.


Awards Ceremony

Jim Boudreaux's Residence
335 Rue Carnot, Carencro, LA 70520
Saturday, February 5, 2022 5:00 PM, CST


Circuit Qualification

Our regional awards qualifying group is the Bayou State Circuit (usually called "Bayou Circuit"). The Bayou State Circuit is a homebrew competition circuit open to all residents of Louisiana or all members of a Louisiana homebrew club. Winners are determined by the number of points accrued through winning entries in participating local homebrew competitions.

For more information visit: The Bayou State Circuit